Destiny the Game: Beta

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Third person social space. Gear up for your next adventure.


Play through some of Destiny's epic story campaign.


Destiny's intense competitive multiplayer.


Form a Fireteam and infiltrate an enemy stronghold.


Explore the wild frontier in this free roam mode.

Destiny Beta FAQS

For additional help with the Destiny Beta, please visit

What is the Destiny Beta?

Bungie will be conducting a public Beta test of Destiny, including most major modes and activities featured in the game, prior to retail launch.

When is the Destiny Beta?

The Beta begins first for PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system (PlayStation Plus required for some features) and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system at 10:00am PDT on July 17.

The Beta begins for Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system and Xbox 360 games and entertainment system from Microsoft (Xbox Live Gold required, subject to change) at 10:00am PDT on July 23.

The Beta will be offline for scheduled maintenance on July 21 – July 22 and open back up to pre-order participants across all platforms until 11:59pm PDT on July 27.

How do I get a Destiny Beta code?




You may reserve your spot in the Beta by pre-ordering a copy of Destiny from participating retailers.

Time and supplies are limited.

You can pre-order online and find information about participating retailers by visiting the website linked below.

Where do I redeem my Destiny Beta code?

Go to and follow the instructions on the page to reserve your spot in the Destiny Beta.

You will be required to log in with a valid account, verify your email address, and enter your Destiny Beta code.

Once you have redeemed your Beta code, your account will be approved for Beta access. At a later date, but prior to the Destiny Beta live date in 2014, you will be contacted via your email address, allowed to select your preferred console platform, and given a Destiny Beta download code.

If you do not receive an email, you will also be able to review your Beta status at any time in your Profile / Redeemed Codes.

I’ve already pre-ordered. Where can I locate my Destiny Beta code?

If you pre-ordered on October 1st, 2013 or later, the code is either printed on the receipt, on a flyer you should have received at time of purchase, or sent to you via email through a retail rewards program.

If you pre-ordered on or before September 31st, 2013, your pre-order retailer may have already emailed you your Destiny Beta code. If not, you should contact them directly to receive your code, assuming they are a participating retailer.

The code is 9 digits in the following format: XXX-XXX-XXX

I have questions about my pre-order, billing, or retail purchase. Who do I need to contact?

All questions related to your retail purchase of Destiny should be brought to the attention of your retailer.

Is my console compatible with Destiny?

Destiny is compatible with all PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One consoles except for the following systems due to Destiny’s hard drive requirement.

- Xbox 360™ Arcade Console
- Xbox 360™ 4GB Console
- Xbox 360™ Core System
- PlayStation®3 12GB System

If you own one of these systems, please consult your owner’s manual, or the manufacturer, to obtain hard drive upgrade information.

NOTE: USB flash memory and external hard drives are not supported for the Destiny Beta, regardless of storage space. The Destiny Beta must be installed to an officially supported internal or attached Hard Drive.

My retailer isn’t participating in the Destiny Beta program. How can I get a Destiny Beta code?

You must pre-order from a participating retailer to gain access to the Destiny Beta.

My code didn’t work! Who should I contact for support?

Please verify that you are entering the correct 9-digit code. If you are receiving an error message, please copy it down and Contact Customer Support for assistance.

Error codes and information can be obtained during the code redemption process.

Which console platforms can I choose from?

Destiny is officially available for pre-order on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. The Beta will also support all four platforms. Your Destiny Beta Code will grant you access to one of these platforms.

You will be able to select your preferred platform, prior to the Destiny Beta live date in 2014. Your choice of platform for the Beta is not tied to the platform you have preordered, and you will be able to select your preferred platform prior to generating your Destiny Beta download code

I own both a PlayStation and an Xbox. Can I claim multiple codes if I want to play the Destiny Beta on multiple console platforms?

Yes. You may claim as many as four Destiny Beta download codes – one for each supported console. Each will require a separate pre-order at a participating retailer.

I can’t read my code, or I’ve lost it! What do I do?

Please contact your retailer directly for support. Bungie cannot reprint retailer codes.

How do I create a Account?

Go to and follow the instructions. You will need to select from one of four official authentication platforms using a valid email address.

Your account is required to gain entrance in the Destiny Beta, so please use valid information, and never share your personal data with anyone.

How do I update the email address on my account?

Log into, click on your name in the top right, and choose Settings. Open the Email settings section and update your information. You will need to verify the new email address once you have updated it.

I’ve waited 24 hours for a verification email and have not yet received an email from Bungie. What do I do?

Some email providers may block emails in an effort to reduce unwanted “spam” email. If your email inbox utilizes a spam or junk folder, please check it to determine whether or not your verification email has been inappropriately categorized.

You may also add the email address to your email address book, and attempt to resent the verification email from the code redemption website.

I am getting the error “Too Many Failed Attempts. You may try again in 24 hours.” What do I do?

For your security, if too many incorrect codes have been entered your account will be locked from entering codes for 24 hours. This lock will be removed automatically after 24 hours after which you can enter codes again. Customer Service will not be able to remove this lock any earlier.