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在此隆重介紹Alexa在搭配線上電玩遊戲中,最創新、統合性的新功能之一。此項最新技術將Bungie的《天命2》與Amazon的Alexa完美無縫地連接,並能夠接收即時語音命令。這項「機靈技術」能將你遊戲中的機靈好夥伴帶到現實中,讓你在PS4、Xbox One或PC上遊玩《天命2》時,有全新的互動及樂趣。這項機靈技術將能使你更快做出反應,並更好地管理你的武裝。







Destiny Ghost Icon

What Can Ghost Do?













向好友們發送訊息、看看有誰正在線上整裝待發了,甚至不需要親手打開你的PS4、Xbox One,或PC就能在公會進度中名列前茅。




The Destiny 2 Ghost Skill requires players to link their player account to the skill. Player data is required for core functionality. In order to link the skill, follow the directions below.

  1. Log into or open the Alexa app on your mobile phone and click “Skills.”

  2. Click “Your Skills” and scroll until you find “Destiny 2 Ghost.”

  3. Click on the skill and click “Enable.”

  4. Click “Save Permissions” - the skill requires these permissions in order to function.

  5. Click “Link Account”

  6. If a player is logged into, click “Link” on the page to link their accounts.

  7. If a player is not logged into, click on the button for the type of account you have.

  8. Follow the Login process for the player’s network.

  9. The account is now linked.

If you are playing Destiny 2 on more than one platform, the Destiny 2 Ghost Skill currently only works with one platform. If your Destiny 2 Ghost Skill is interacting with a platform you do not wish to use, you can access the platform of your choice by unlinking your second platform from your account.


Alexa, ask Ghost for my next milestone / what I should do next

Ghost can suggest activities for you to complete relevant to where you are in the game and your current power level to help you progress quickly or discover what is live this week if you’ve completed the Red War.


Alexa, ask Ghost to save my Raid loadout

Ask Ghost to save your current weapon and armor as your favorite loadout for specific activities; Strike, Crucible, Raid or Nightfall. You can ask Ghost to remember a loadout for each of your characters to save you time equipping items or transferring into your inventory.

Alexa, ask Ghost to equip my Strike loadout

Once you’ve saved a loadout, you can ask Ghost to load it to the character you are currently playing with.You can only equip a loadout outside of gameplay (e.g. in orbit, in social spaces, on loading screens or on character screen outside a game mode).

Alexa, ask Ghost to equip my best Void weapon

You can ask Ghost to equip your best weapon based on the power level of the your available weapons across all characters. You can ask to equip based on damage type (Void, Solar or Arc), as well as Kinetic, Energy or Power. You’ll also be able to chain these as well as using weapon types (sniper rifle, hand cannon etc.).


Alexa, ask Ghost for my Clan summary

Ghost will read you all the available stats for your Clan. This includes Clan level, contribution, rewards and who is online.

Alexa, ask Ghost to tell me my Clan level

Ghost will let you know what level your Clan is for the season and the percentage remaining until you level up.

Alexa, ask Ghost for my clan contribution

Ghost will tell you how much you have contributed to the clan this week and how much you can still do.

Alexa, ask Ghost who is online

Ghost will look who in your clan is currently playing Destiny. If less than 3 are online, it’ll prompt if you want to message them.

Alexa, ask Ghost to tell me my Clan Engram

Ghost will let you how many Engrams your Clan has been rewarded from their Clan activities and what activities your Clan still needs to complete this week to get them all.

Alexa, ask Ghost to rally my clan for a raid

Ghost will message your Clan via the Bungie companion app.The companion app is available on both iOS via the App Store and Android via Google Play.

Limited Edition Destiny 2 Ghost Speaker

The Limited Edition Destiny 2 Ghost speaker takes it a step further by putting the in-game Ghost right in your living room. The Ghost pairs with your enabled Alexa device to talk directly to you via the integrated speaker, serving as your constant companion.

The Limited Edition Destiny 2 Ghost is not required to enable and use the Destiny 2 Ghost Skill.


Everything not 100% amazing with your Destiny 2 Ghost skill? We’ve got the answer to your troubles.