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Free Seasonal Updates

New vanity & rank rewards, lore books, and triumphs for all forsaken owners

Annual Pass Content
Black Armory
Season of the Forge
Dec 2018 - Mar 2019

Discover weapons of Light and Fury. Add long-forgotten treasure to your legend with new premium content delivered throughout the Season, including:

  • Access to the Black Armory
  • New Matchmade Activity: The Lost Forges
  • New Weapons & Gear
  • New Exotic Quest Lines
  • New Raid: Scourge of the Past
  • Triumphs & Collections
  • Bonus Rewards
Jokers Wild
Season of the Drifter
Spring 2019

Gambit was only the beginning, and the Drifter is ready to deal you another deadly hand. Throughout the Season, Annual Pass owners can expect:

  • New Gambit Experience
  • New Weapons & Gear
  • New Jokers Wild Quests
  • New Exotic Quest Line
  • New Xur Bounties 
  • Triumphs & Collections
  • Bonus Rewards
Season of the
Summer 2019

Only the brave will learn what lurks in the shadow. Only the strong will survive its teeth. Throughout the Season, Annual Pass owners can expect:

  • New 6-player Matchmade Activity
  • New Quests to Complete
  • New Weapons & Gear
  • All-New Raid
  • Secrets to Discover
  • Triumphs & Collections
  • Bonus Rewards
Les mer

Hear directly from Bungie about upcoming free Seasonal updates and the Annual Pass, including Black Armory, Joker’s Wild, and Penumbra.

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Build on your Destiny 2: Forsaken experience with additional quests, new activities, and an arsenal of weapons and gear which will roll out through Summer 2019.