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What you need before Destiny 2 Ghost setup

  • Ensure your home’s Wi-Fi is on and connected to the Internet
  • You must own a copy of Destiny 2, along with a profile on
  • You must own an Amazon Alexa powered device, along with an associated Amazon account.

Connect your Ghost to a power source

  • Remove the Destiny 2 Ghost speaker, wall adapter, & USB cord from packaging.
  • Insert the small end of the USB cord into the back of the Ghost speaker.
  • Plug the Ghost speaker in to any 5V 2A USB power supply or wall socket with the provided wall adapter and/or USB cord.
  • Red LED illuminates to indicate power. The Ghost must remain plugged in at all times in order to function as it is not a battery powered device.

Configure the Ghost speaker to connect to Wi-Fi

  • Open Wi-Fi networks on computer or phone. Turn on Wi-Fi on your device if not already enabled.
    Allow about 30 seconds for GHOST_COMPANION network to show.
  • Connect to GHOST_COMPANION network.

Connecting Ghost to Wi-Fi

  • Turn on Wi-Fi on your device if not already enabled.
  • Navigate to IP address
  • Enter the serial number (8 digits), located on the back of the Ghost, into the serial number field.
  • Select desired Wi-Fi network & enter password. If the Wi-Fi network is not shown, refresh the page or hit ‘Other’ and enter network name & password.
  • Once the Destiny 2 Ghost speaker is connected, the lights will blink and the speaker will play a swoosh sound. You will also receive a successful Wi-Fi  connection indication on your phone or computer.
  • Allow about a minute for the Ghost speaker to update. The lights of the Ghost will stay on to signify that an update is occurring. Updates are complete  when you hear a swoosh and all lights except the red LED light turn off.
    • If the lights on the speaker stay on, flip the switch on the back of the speaker once to perform a reset and try again.

Install Ghost Skill

  • From the Wi-Fi success page, tap / click “Install Alexa Skill” to access the Ghost Skill page.
    • Enter your user name & password – tap / click “ENABLE”. You will then be redirected to the account page.
    • From Bungie account page, select your platform of choice, sign in using console / PC account information – tap / click “Sign In” or “Next”.
    • You will be asked to allow Bungie access to your Amazon information – tap / click “Accept”.

Register your Ghost

  • With the Skill enabled, speak to your Alexa-enabled device. Say, “Alexa. Tell Ghost to activate.” 
  • When prompted, say your 8-digit serial number out loud. You can find this number on the back of your Destiny 2 Ghost Speaker. This is the same serial number from "Connecting Ghost to Wi-fi" step.
  • After successful registration, Ghost will greet you via the Destiny 2 Ghost Speaker.
  • When lights on the Ghost speaker turn off, Ghost installation is complete and ready for use.