Seven Facts About Destiny You Might Have Missed

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One year after its unveiling last February, Destiny remains something of a mystery. Few outside of Bungie's Bellevue offices have been able to explore space as a magic-wielding Warlock, a brutish Titan, or an elusive Hunter.



Destiny: Bungie Unveils The Shrike Vehicle

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The Shrike, which you can see in the gallery below, is described by Bungie as being "sleek, nimble, and fast – a worthy mount for any hero who risks life and limb to explore the lost settlements of our Golden Age."



2014's most innovative games by the people making them

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Which games in the year ahead are most likely to move the art and craft of gaming forward? And how will they innovate? We decided to take a selection of promising games, and ask the developers themselves.



The Most Anticipated Video Games of 2014

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The world will finally get a chance to see what Bungie has been working on since handing over the reins of the Halo franchise to 343 studios in 2011. Destiny has made some of the most ambitious claims about what it hopes to accomplish in 2014.



IGN's Most Anticipated Action Games of 2014

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Halo is my favorite shooter franchise of all-time, and a newly-independent Bungie turned loose to create a brand-new universe is incredibly exciting. Destiny's combination of magic powers and sci-fi weapons looks hot, too.



More of Your Destiny Questions Answered by Bungie

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A few weeks ago, we put the call-out for Destiny questions from IGN's community. The response was overwhelming - as you'd expect for such an anticipated game - and we were only able to answer a handful across our special Bungie/Destiny podcast and video interview, so we've gone back to Bungie with a few more, which have been answered below by Bungie's Head of Art, Dave Dunn. Enjoy!



Multiplayer Isn't So Massive Anymore

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Bungie seems to have coined the term "shared world shooter" for their newest IP, Destiny, but the general concept might sound familiar. While not everyone may be a fan of huge MMOs, lots of people seem to be into multiplayer gaming and downsized, explorable worlds where you can play with a relative handful of other gamers seems to be the choice pick for developers.



Straight To The Moon! The Latest ‘Destiny’ Trailer Introduces Us To ‘The Hive’

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Hey folks, prepare your eyeballs because we have a new trailer for Bungie’s pretty sweet looking shooter/MMO Destiny. This trailer introduces the game’s main villains, a race of aliens called “The Hive” that spent centuries preparing humanity’s destruction inside a giant base in the center of our moon.



Bungie: Destiny 'going to be great for any console it's delivered to'

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Bungie's highly anticipated MMO shooter Destiny is going to be a great experience on any console, despite any exclusivity deals the studio has in place with next-gen platform makers Sony or Microsoft.



Bungie's Sci-Fi Shooter 'Destiny' Wins Gamescom

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COLOGNE, Germany – The sci-fi shooter Destiny, from Halo developers Bungie, has won the top prize at this year's Gamescom, the world's largest gaming industry trade show, which wrapped in Cologne this weekend.



Bungie Co-Founder, Halo and Destiny Creator Jason Jones Breaks 11-Year Silence

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Myth. Urban legend. Unicorn. For a man who’s been revered in the games industry for over 20 years, Jason Jones has kept a remarkably low profile. He’s the co-founder of Bungie and the person most responsible for Halo’s unquantifiable “secret sauce,” but he’s also notoriously private.



A Brief Encounter With Destiny, Bungie's Gorgeous MMOish Sci-Fi Shooter

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We started in Old Russia, "many years from now." A dramatic score swelled in the background. That was from the game. In real life, the bass from a Call of Duty trailer thundered from the other side of the wall. I was seeing Destiny, one of the next Next Big Things.

How Bungie’s Destiny Became the Poster Child for Next-Gen, Always-Online Gaming

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These video game industry buzz phrases are like poison to the hard-bitten gamer. But if you’re talking about Destiny, the next big game from the creators of Halo, they become a lot easier to swallow.

Destiny Is Masterful Game-Making from Bungie

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The sun slowly set behind glowing clouds and dappled the rolling landscape with fingertips of light. The crumpled, rusted car hoods proved the harshness of this old earth. A flock of black birds cawed and fled the firing gun of a hooded traveler: you. Destiny takes place in our solar system, in our future Earth, but it feels used up, empty and yet lived-in nonetheless. The team calls it "mythic sci-fi." I call it marvelous.

E3 2013: Destiny Reminds the World to Never Doubt Bungie

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Be honest: was there a part of you -- maybe a teeny, tiny part -- that doubted whether Bungie could repeat its Halo success? Part of you that wondered if Halo was just a happy accident, or if they'd lost a step after the somewhat disappointing Halo: Reach? For those of you who kept the faith, rest assured that your loyalty will be duly rewarded when you get to play Destiny in 2014. .



A peek inside Bungie's 'Destiny'

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Video game studio Bungie and its publisher partner Activision have big shoes to fill. Bungie is fresh off the success of the powerful Xbox franchise Halo, while Activision is home to Call of Duty, one of the video game industry's most popular franchises.

Destiny inspired by serial TV like The Wire, Lost

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Serial television shows like The Wire, Lost, and Battlestar Galactica served as inspiration for Bungie's new shooter Destiny. Design director Joe Staten told GameSpot last week during the Game Developers Conference that this was not the case with Halo.

GDC: New Destiny concept art from today's panel

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There were some interesting tidbits revealed about the design of Destiny. Presented by studio writer and design director Joe Staten and art director Christopher Barrett, they went into detail about the early conception of Destiny's aesthetic.

How Bungie shaped Destiny from fantasy to 'mythic sci-fi' world

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When Bungie set off on its journey to build an all-new universe for Destiny, the mythic science fiction, "shared world shooter" it unveiled earlier this year, it started with a more traditional fantasy concept starring wizards, grub lords and giant frogs battling in ancient settings.

Bungie melds fantasy, Tarkovsky, and space wizards in 'Destiny' concept art

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After moving on from the Halo franchise, studio Bungie announced a new project in February of this year. Called Destiny, it combines first-person shooter mechanics with more MMO-like qualities, asking players to help protect the last remaining city on Earth in the far future.

Bungie's Destiny: Looking to The Future of Shooters

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Bungie’s Destiny is coming. Maybe fairly soon. The legendary developer behind the Halo series gave us our first, fleeting look at its new online shooter yesterday, and we saw a more matte vision of a post-apocalyptic sci-fi future taking shape. It’s a world where you can travel from the ruins of Chicago to Mars, questing alone or with friends in a story that will evolve over the course of several years.

Bungie's Destiny: A Land of Hope and Dreams

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You know Bungie is serious about its first public steps in post-Halo life when Jason Jones – the studio co-founder and Halo mastermind who’s notoriously media-shy – is on hand to introduce the 360-person studio’s new always-online first-person shooter franchise for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and “future-generation technology” – a not-so-subtle nod to the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4.

Bungie hopes to repeat 'Halo' success with 'Destiny'


After turning "Halo" into a multibillion-dollar videogame franchise for Microsoft, Bungie is ready to introduce a tentpole title for new partner Activision Blizzard with "Destiny." Hollywood is guaranteed to keep a close eye on the launch of the fantasy sci-fi shooter, expected to bow sometime next year. That's because when it comes to launching new original entertainment properties, studios are no longer taking risks, turning instead to sequels or adaptations of young adult novels, toys, theme park attractions and vidgames.

Destiny - All the information on Bungie's next shooter

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Bungie's next shooter is taking a dramatic and ambitious turn away from the standard first-person model we're used to. In our recent visit to Bungie's studios, we took a look at the upcoming persistent, open-world FPS, and gathered a few details on the backstory and gameplay. It's called Destiny, and it's definitely not what you expect.

Destiny in the stars: Exploring Bungie's 10-year plan

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Within the hollowed-out remains of a former bowling alley and movie theater, the creators of the Halo franchise huddle en masse at their headquarters in Bellevue, Washington, working on a new project. Inked to a decade-long agreement with publishing giant Activision – and dodging rumors and leaked documents for nearly two years – Bungie has finally revealed Destiny.

Bungie’s Destiny Revealed

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"Destiny" has been one of the worst-kept secrets in the game industry, what with the Bungie/Activision contract leaking amidst the "Call of Duty" court case last May, the story/art leak in November, and Bungie itself even teased the game deep inside of "Halo 3: ODST". But those were all just small pieces of the puzzle, and now we’ve finally been able to sit down with the studio and officially take a look at the game.

Bungie's Destiny: "Absolutely no plans to charge a subscription fee"


Bungie has begun unveiling Destiny, the grand game project that's been in the works for years. The future for Bungie, and a significant part of Activision's future, is depending on the success of this game. Bungie and Activision brought members of the press to Seattle to start revealing information about the game and to create some excitement and anticipation for Destiny. The process also raised many questions that have yet to be answered.

Destiny, Bungie’s answer to Halo, is always online, social, and it could be the future of shooters

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Bungie tests everything. They test where your eyes look when you play their games in their lab. They take videos of your reactions while you play. We were shown video of two players enjoying Destiny during a recent press event at Bungie’s new offices. Destiny is Bungie’s follow-up to the Halo series, and we watched the players as their faces broke into smiles. One player leaned back to try to find the other in the room.

Bungie Leaves Halo Behind As It Embraces Its New Destiny

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In 2010, Bungie went through a number of radical changes. It left behind its parent company, Microsoft, to become an independent game developer, struck up a 10-year deal with Activision, moved into a new studio space, and left Master Chief and the ring-shaped world of Halo behind to begin work on a new universe.